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Home Security: 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

North Carolina crime statistics shows 1 in every 37 residents is at high risk of being a property crime victim. This includes home invasion, burglary, robbery, intrusion and even homicide attempts. If you are a resident of North Carolina, follow these home security and safety tips that are provided by North Carolina police department for your own safety:

1.      Secure Your Doors

Door security means home security. Home invaders burst into your homes through the front/read doors to steal your stuff. If your doors are vulnerable, there are more chances of theft at home. So, first things first, secure your entry/exit doors. All your home doors should have reliable locks and door sensors that can report a break in as soon as possible for timely action.

Secure your doors with smart door locks. Door locks have special access codes. Each individual of your home has a unique access code that they can use to enter and exit. Any intruder can fail to enter the unique code as 3 incorrect code entries trigger the home security system.

2.      Secure Your Windows

Every homeowner should take steps to secure their windows entirely. If you have a home with glass front particularly, make sure you use glassbreak sensors that will monitor any glass breakage attempt and will timely notify if so, for your home and family safety.

One glass-break sensor can work for all windows and doors of a room. Install this smart home security device to book into those who mess with your home and family.

3.      Look for the best Home Security Alarm System in North Carolina

Look for the best home security alarm system in NC. A home security system is a full poof security package that ensures your life and family security. Pick the best monitoring system and get lifetime advantages for your family.

4.      Think about Fire Safety

One of the most savage tricks a convicted burglar used and shared with the police recently was igniting fire after fleeing with valuables of homeowners. To prevent your home and loved ones from such a damage, think about fire safety. A good home security company offers fire safety tools as well. This ensures your safety 24/7/365 from fire related incidents.

Install a firefighter sensor, smoke detector and a CO detector to make sure no burglar can apply any trick on you.

5.      Get Your Home Security System Tested

Did you know why many homeowners in North Carolina complain about home security? Their home security equipment could not work well. To ensure your home security equipment and monitoring services work well, get them tested.

You can start a mock fire to check your fire detector and request a close friend to try enter your home forcefully after arming your home security system.

Customize your package wisely and see which package is best suited for your home. You can order the package plan online or through a phone call, without paying any upfront equipment charges. You just have to pay an affordable monthly fee and get started with monitoring benefits 24/7.

Contact us today for taking advantage of the best home security system in your area.

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