10 Ways to Protect Your Home in 2018

10 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars in 2018

According to an FBI report, 71.2 % property crimes are thefts. Home invasions, burglaries and robberies are also some of the most common crimes across US. Every 13 seconds there is a burglary committed in the country. 50 to 70 percent of all burglars target residential areas. This show how important is to keep your home protected against property crimes.

Here are 10 best tips and tricks for homeowners to prevent property crimes:

1. Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

Make it difficult for burglars, robbers and thieves to enter your home. Keep your home doors locked, window panes shut and doorway lights on at night. Keep your home keys at a safe place. Restrict people to enter your home. Only let your trusted guests in.

2. Keep Your Friendship list Limited

Keeping your friendships limited with acquaintances and strangers. Do not trust anyone readily. Do not allow home entry easy for anyone.

Some people are too nice to befriend anyone. If you are one among them, beware. Criminals take advantage of such people. Not everyone you meet is your friend. So, when it comes to inviting strangers or people you just met in a pub or party, be very careful. Know about their background and identity before inviting them over.

3. Organize Parties Safely

If you are a party person and love inviting your friends and others at home, try to organize the event at a certain place. Do not allow your guests to roam around everywhere at home, especially to places where your valuables are kept. Do not allow them to open and check every drawer and room. It is always better to select a limited space for celebrations instead of letting people identify all the places and corners of your home.

4. Store Your Valuables and Belongings at Unexpected Places

Avoid placing your cash, jewelry and other valuable at usual and expected places. You can have hidden safes and drawers at home for this. Do not keep your keys at obvious places. This can make it easier for anyone to steal them.

5. Be a Private Person

There are two types of people in the world: public and private. It is good to be an open book. But there are more disadvantages attached with this. It is extremely risky from a security point of view. Be a private person at home at least. Close your blinds, close your windows and do not share everything about you on social media or in real.

6. Take Advantage of Technology

Technology is facility. Today, it is playing a vital role to keep homeowners safe and well protected from criminals. Take advantage. Install a home alarm system services. They offer quality equipment that helps trigger alarm whenever there is emergency and the monitoring team directly dispatch services for you. Home security systems protect you even when you are not home.

7. Use Home Surveillance Cameras

One of the most common and basic home security equipment is outdoor and indoor cameras. Any burglar would fears from cameras. They do not go near to houses that have security cameras. Install home security camera systems in and around your abode to stay protected.

8. Keep in Touch 24/7

It is not necessary that you have to stay home to secure it. You can monitor your home even when you are away.  With smartphone remote access feature, offered in modern home security devices, one can keep connected from anywhere across the country. It helps you keep in touch with your family, loved ones and home 24/7/365. You get alerts on your smartphone, making it easier for you to check what is happening in your home.

9. Get a Doorbell Camera

With rising rate of home invasions, it has become a must to have a doorbell camera. It secures your family from intruders by allowing you to check who is at the door, right from your cellphone. You can even talk to them and let them in if everything checks in.

10. Keep the Medical Alert Button Handy

In case of burglary, robbery or any emergency, you need to call the police as quickly as possible, right? But you cannot call them if you feel panicked. This is why panic button is important for homeowners, particularly elderly and seniors. A panic button plays as your lifeline during emergencies. Simply pressing it would get you timely help even without dialing any number.

Any security is better than nothing but a home security alarm system is a true life saver with high return of investment in terms of peace of mind and 24/7 protection, round the clock.

Stay safe and protected!

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