10 Ways to Save Your Pets From Home Fires This National Pet Fire Safety Day

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), about 40,000 family pets perish in house fires annually; while 500,000 get injured or severely burned. Most of these emergencies occur due to smoke inhalation. In addition, family pets start 700 to 1000 home fires each year, informs a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) report.

To spread awareness and to educate masses about pet safety against home fires, National Pet Fire Safety Day is observed each year on 15th of July.

This 15th of July, let us pledge to follow these preventable measures to protect your pets from house fires and other emergencies:

Prevent Your Pet from Igniting Fire:

1. Never Leave Your Pet Alone

Before leaving your pet at home, make sure your stove is off, the furnace is out of reach and candles not burning. Pets are by nature, curious. They like to investigate a burning flame and play with it. Make sure you never leave him alone near the open furnace, stove or heater.

2.Cover Your Stove Knobs

According to NFPA, stove knobs and other heating equipment tops are the most dangerous parts of equipment that can fascinate your pets to start a fire. Always cover them before you go for work. Make sure your pet is not in habit of coming near to the kitchen stove.

3.Protect Your Candles

If you love candles and use them frequently at your home. Use them carefully or try to use latest candles that have small bulbs inside them.

4.Beware of Your Equipment

If you are tech-pro or use a lot of home appliances and electric equipment, beware your equipment is well organized and your pets can’t touch them. Many times open wires and cords can become a cause of an electrical fire. Pets usually like to play with cords and try to touch them when you are away, it is always better to replace your wired home appliances and home security system devices with wireless home security systems and other devices etc.

5.Avoid Smoking Near Your Pets

Many times a small cigarette butt becomes a cause of a home fire. Before you throw your cigarette, make sure it is dowsed completely. Never allow the mischievous doggo or cat to mimic you and burn itself.

Keep Them Protected at Home:

6.Turn On Your Firefighter and Smoke Detector

Installing and turning your fire safety equipment like the firefighters and smoke detectors on is a must if you want to protect your furry friends and family. Make sure these devices work properly to offer complete protection.

7.Train Your Pet

Many people like to train their pet to talk, do funny things and play with them; train him about basic safety rules too. One of the most useful fire safety rules that you can teach him is to use emergency exit safely. This trick can help save his life in case of an emergency.

8.Use Leashes and Collars

For a mischievous dog or cat, use of a leash or collar can be helpful if you need to leave him alone at home. Make sure you keep him near the entrance so reaching him, in case of emergency can be easy.

9.Offer CO Gas Safety

One in 33 homes experience carbon monoxide leakage annually. To protect your family and pets against CO gas poisoning, grab the modern carbon monoxide detector. This detector offers 24/7 pet safety even if you are not at home.

10.Leave Someone Home

Leaving someone home is not possible for everyone. This is a great way to secure your belongings and pet against house fire and other emergencies. Think about installing a monitored home security system. Wireless home security systems provide seamless monitoring services without a break to protect your pets and family at affordable rates. If you want to know more details please contact us.

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