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Breaking News: 14 Killeen Homes Burgled in One Day, TX

TEXAS – 14 homes are burgled in Killeen in one day, Texas.

According to the Killeen Police Department, the city has the highest rate of property crimes in Texas, a record number of break-ins were registered this Monday.

One of the homeowners shared that the gang comprises of young teens who run away soon after invading a home.

Cops further informed that among others, two Fawn Drive homes are burgled. The suspects escaped with everything from games to jewelry and from cash to home appliances. Read full report.

3 Best Ways to Keep Away from a Burglary

Police report shows there is a home invasion every 13 second in United States. 95% of burglaries occur in residential areas and most crime suspects are under 25 to 30. As a homeowner, one of your major concerns would be to make sure your home and family stays safe from home invasions, burglaries, robberies and other property crimes.

Here are 3 best practices that can help you keep away from a burglary and break-ins:

1- Place Outdoor Home Security Cameras

9 in 10 gangsters confessed that they keep away from places that have active video surveillance systems installed. Placing an outdoor home security camera around your home can help you deter criminals from your home. Keep the field of view in mind before mounting your home security cameras. A home security camera mounted at the correct place and position can maximize your security level.

2- Protect Your Entrance

95% burglars attempt to break open your entrance before anything else. To ensure your entrance is well protected, replace your door locks with modern keyless entry locks. A smart door lock is considered more secure due to its keyless entry. It monitors your doors’ security and trips the intruder alarm as soon as there is a suspected activity.

3- Activate Your Wireless Home Security System

Having a wireless home security system helps ensure your home and family’s security. You get 24-hour monitoring even if you are away. Latest home security systems are based on “Crash and Smash” technology that can work even if the main control panel is broken into pieces.

For more details about a wireless home security system, visit our homepage or contact us anytime.

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