26 year Ashton Creagh sentenced 16 years of imprisonment

Caught on Camera: Surveillance Video Helps Nab a Robber, GA

Cobb County, GA – Georgia police booked another young robber recently, thanks to the surveillance cameras. He is sentenced to 16 year imprisonment for armed robbery, according to authorities.

26-year-old Brent Ashton Creagh attempted to rob “Rite4us Inn and Suites”, a hotel at South Cobb Drive, Smyrna, revealed Cobb County’s District Attorney, Kim Isaza.

The incident took place at 4:30 a.m. recently when Creagh entered as a guest in the hotel. He took his gun out to scare the receptionist. He then, grabbed his neck and demanded for money.

The two fought before the robber fled with $800 to $900, leaving his wallet behind. The surveillance  camera video helped identify the robber in this case. To read full news report, Click Here.

How to Protect Yourself from Armed Robbery

It is unfortunate that crime is on the rise everywhere in the country. No home, property, business or rented apartment can be considered 100 percent safe and secure. Every 13 seconds, there is a property crime committed in US.

To prevent yourself, home and business from robberies and other crimes, follow these short but useful tips:

  1. One of the best ways to prevent crimes is installing only tested and trusted home security systems at your homes and properties. Police says that you are three times more secure if you have a reliable Home alarm monitoring system in place.
  2. High tech surveillance cameras come with latest home security systems. They can help keep the bad guys away. Home security systems offer 24-hour monitoring. It is helpful to secure your home, business, property, hotel or any other place etc.
  3. Police recommends homeowners and renters to take advantage of home security camera systems. They find surveillance cameras highly beneficial to prevent criminals from entering your properties. Moreover, security camera videos helps booking criminals into jail.

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