News Alert: 4 Burglars Jailed for Violent Home Intrusion, TX

TEXAS – Texas police thanked public who helped book 4 violent home intrusion suspects into jail near Spring neighborhood.

On Tuesday morning, officials released images and names of the home invasion robbery suspects who did violence on homeowners.

Robernae Nicholas (18), Juhmere Fletcher (18), Marshell Warren (17) and Demetre Robinson (23) have been charges for home invasion robbery and aggravated assault. The gang also includes a girl who has burglary charges.

Informing details about the crime, police said invaders hit a Harris County man with a rifle and dragged him into his apartment in Ella Boulevard to steal his belongings. They fled with jewelry, cash and cellphones. For complete story, read full news:

4 Tips to Prevent Home Invasions

Did you know police data shows that the average loss per home intrusion is $2000 in US? The U.S. Department of Justice informs there are about 1.03 million home intrusions each year. These rates are even higher in some states. But this can’t guarantee that you are secure unless you take steps to prevent such incidents.

Here are 4 best prevention tips against home invasion, robbery and burglary:

1.  Choose Wireless Home Security Systems

If you want to deter criminals, activate alarm system at home. Wireless home security systems make sure your home, family and loved ones stay safe and secure against all sorts of harm. An intruder alarm sets off in case there is a threat or any suspected activity. Most wireless home security companies offer free installation and activation – you just have to pay for the monthly fee for 24/7 monitoring service.

2. Place Home Security Cameras

If you want criminals not to enter your home, install home security cameras. Convicted criminals informed police that they make sure the home they are entering does not have a home security camera. Mount indoor and outdoor home security cameras for maximum security.

3.  Grab a Door Sensor

A door sensor is a home security equipment that helps secure your doors against invaders. 52% of invaders enter homes through the main door. A door sensor monitors each door-opening/closing activity and sounds the intruder alarm if there is a threat.

4.  Install a Glass Break Sensor

Glass break sensors help to secure you from break-ins through the most vulnerable part of your home. It monitors your window/door glass. When installed, the glass break sensor helps detect glass break activity and offer you protection against burglars and home invaders by timely notifying you and the authorities to dispatch help.

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