4 Highly Populated US States with Crime Rates

4 Highly Populated States with Crime Rates and Safety Solutions

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America is one of the most progressive countries of the world. It is the biggest destination to migrants from across the world. As of 2017, 1/5th of the world’s immigrants live in the country. This is one of reasons for the increasing rate of its population. The high population rate in any city means high crime rate. Let’s explore the top US states with high population density:


In 2018, California is ranked as the most populated US state. It represents 12 percent of the whole population. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, the total population in the state is more than 39 million. Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose are the three most populous cities in CA.

According to the FBI, California crime rate is on the rise. A total number of 1,176,866 crimes were reported in 2016. 1 out of 39 CA residents can become a property crime victim. Major property crimes include robbery, home invasion, burglary, larceny and theft.


Once a part of Mexico, Texas is the second most populous state with more than 28 million people in 2018. There are three cities with more than 1 million population each. These include:

  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio

The crime rate in these states is high due to the high population rate. The FBI statistics for 2016 show that a total number of 889,989 crime reports were registered in TX. 1 in every 36 Texans is at risk of becoming a home crime victim.

North Carolina

According to the World Population Review, North Carolina population is more than 10 million as of 2018. The most populated cities of NC are:

  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh
  • Greensboro

North Carolina crime rates, according to the FBI are worth-noticing. In 2016, a total number of 315,534 crimes were reported in the state. There were more property crimes compared with violent crimes.  If you are a North Carolinian, your risk of being a property crime target is 1 in 36.


The World Population Review estimates that population of Georgia is 10.55 million. The most populous cities of Georgia are:

  • Columbus
  • Atlanta
  • Augusta

Some of the cities and counties of Georgia are not considered safe. The total number of FBI registered crimes in 2016 were 350,760. If you are living in Georgia, your chances of getting into trouble are 1 out of 33.

What Can be Done for Safety

The best way to stay safe living in the above-mentioned states are:

  • Install the best home security alarm system that offers 24-hour real-time monitoring and high quality home safety devices.
  • Ask your home automation alarm company to get you mobile video camera systems for active surveillance in and around your territory. Check in on your family and valuables through the cameras for home protection.
  • To protect your entryways, use the latest smart doorbell camera and be able to watch and interact with your visitors virtually (through your smartphone app).
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