Home Security Equipment: 5 Best Options for 2018

Home security industry is one of the most dynamic industries. There are upgrades done every now and then to make sure homeowners, families and individuals can live a secure and a peaceful life. Innovation in this industry is the best way to deter criminals from your home.

About 50% burglars and criminals confessed they fear modern security devices. You are three times more secure, if you use the best home security alarm systems at home, according to police.

So, here is a list of 5 best home security equipment that every homeowner should have:

1.      Know Each Movement

Know each movement at your home with motion detectors. They are widely used at homes nowadays for security purposes. These detectors monitor motion at your home and trigger the alarm system as soon as any suspicious activity is detected.

You can install these modern security devices in your living room, kitchen, drawing room, terrace, at the back and front yard, and anywhere you feel they’re needed at your home. Latest motion detectors are based on Passive Infrared (PIR) technology that makes them pet friendly and unbeatable by criminals.

2.      Keep Your Doors Safe

Keep your doors safe with the door sensors. They are smart home security equipment that are used to keep your doors secure against criminals. Door sensors shield your front and other doors all the time. With mobile access, you get notified about any suspicious opening and closing of doors. Moreover, you can operate your doors using your internet connected device remotely.

3.      Peek in Your Home Remotely

Peek in your rooms anytime with modern video surveillance cameras. They are considered one of the most important home security equipment. You can install them anywhere inside or outside your home for complete home and family protection. Modern video surveillance cameras are motion triggered that sense suspicious activity and notify you immediately for quick action. With high resolution cameras, you get crisp video streaming and video of suspicious activities with your surveillance cameras. Mobile access enables you to check in on your home anytime you want to.

4.      Know Who Knocked at Your Door

Did you know half of the home invaders enter your home through your front door? According to police sources, the rate of crime during broad daylight is far more than it is at night time. Many burglars use your front doorbell to enter your home. With a usual doorbell, you won’t be able to know who is at the door.

Modern home security doorbells are unique and different. They have doorbell cameras that show you real-time clips of the door knocker. You can review who knocks at the door using your cell phone. You can interact with them remotely and call police anytime you feel insecure from a stranger at your door.

5.      Safeguard your Window Glass

Window glass is vulnerable to damage. Invaders can break the glass or make a hole in it to enter your home. A glassbreak sensor ensures protection of your glass windows and doors round the clock. It senses any sort of glass breakage, upon which it notifies the authorities immediately. They dispatch emergency help to ensure your safety and 24-hour protection.

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