How to Protect Your Outdoor Areas

5 Reasons Why and How to Protect Your Outdoor Areas this Autumn?!

Autumn is coming. It is a season when nights are longer and darker. Homeowners like to stay indoors and usually avoid moving around due to cold weather. Winter nights are unfortunately favorite times for burglars and robbers to commit a crime. They take advantage of the cold and darker nights.

A police report says 2.5 million home intrusions are committed annually. And, most burglaries occur during daytimes in summer and night times in winter. Make sure your garage, car and other valuables placed outdoors are secure this autumn.

Here are 5 major reasons why you should protect your garage and outdoor area this autumn, and how:

  1. You can’t spot a burglar easily during autumn. Nights are dark and most home and family owners stay indoors. Cold nights discourage residents to go outside and check in on their belongings that are outside.
  2. Hot coffee, warm blanket and a cozy bedroom make people lazier. You feel sleepy as soon as you lay down on your cozy bed during winter nights, right?
  3. Activities slow down during cold months too. You won’t like to sit in a stormy night in your garden, would you? Your kids don’t enjoy cycling in the lawn. Outdoor activities like gardening, pruning, swimming and even walking almost stops.
  4. You store your vehicles, garden supplies and sport equipment in garage, store rooms and sheds. And usually forget and take them out rarely.
  5. As compared to summers, residents sleep earlier in winters. Sleep time also increases.

5 Security Tips to Keep Burglars out this Winter

  1. Be more informed. Don’t let burglars and other bad guys take advantage of your laziness. Keep a check on everything at home. Install home entry products to secure your entry points.
  2. Get keyless door locks and assign passcodes to all your family members for keyless entry. Get smart doorbell cameras to allow interaction with your guests at your door step virtually.
  3. Be virtually present everywhere. It is not difficult anymore. Use smart home security camera systems for this purpose. Don’t forget to install modern security cameras in your garage, near your shed, lawn, swimming pool area, deck, driveway and backyard etc.
  4. Make use of smart lights You can stay safe if you make your home look occupied. Smart bulbs are a good idea to do this. Turn them on and off from your smartphone or schedule them to automatically turn on at night. Police say more lights mean less burglar interest. They fear lights and keep away from home with smart light bulbs.
  5. Keep your garage, shed, front and back doors shut. Make sure they are strong enough and can’t break easily. Grab door sensors and install them on entry/exit doors. These are security products that monitor your door movements. Door sensors trigger if there is a forceful entry.

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