Home Security and Automation. A Worthy Investment.

5 Reasons Why Home Security & Automation Is a Sensible Investment

As per the recent statistics released by the FBI, only 17% of the homeowners all across the states have security systems installed in their homes. It is perhaps due to a preconceived notion that having a home security system installed in a home is an expensive affair or is a set of party tricks for the wealthy people to be amused by. One of the statements certainly hold true as opting for the best home security & automation system on the market can be a rather cost intensive exercise. Though, in hindsight, it is an investment that gives you peace, protection and a convenient lifestyle. However, that is barely even scratching the surface of what a smart home security & automation system has to offer. Here are 5 reasons why opting for home security and automation is a smart and sensible decision:


  • There are certain dangers that you can be wary of whether you have a security system in place. But what about the dangers that you cannot quite detect instantly? For example, if there are harmful traces of carbon-monoxide in your house and you cannot feel it, the effects of staying in that gas can be lethal. Similarly, if something catches fire in your house and you cannot react in time, the consequences can be horrific. Or if one of your elderly family members is in some sort of trouble but cannot call out to you, the result can be dire. Therefore, with the smart home security and automation system in place, you can avert numerous unforeseeable disasters.
  • The statistics shared by the FBI show that more than 80% of the burglars make particularly certain whether or not a home has a security system in place. Incase of the security system being in place, 60% of burglars and other criminals are most likely to flee from the scene without causing any trouble. This implies that a smart home security system not only catches the perpetrators while they’re committing crimes, but they also prevent them from committing crimes to begin with.
  • Not only can you stay safe with a smart home security and automation system, you can also reduce the overhead expenses of your home as well. By incorporating smart light bulbs, smart plugs and smart thermostat in your security and automation system, you can make sure that no extra electricity is being used and hence, be able to reduce your utility bills by a significant margin.
  • The government encourages homeowners to do everything that is ultimately to their advantage, and that also includes opting for home security & automation. The encouragement in this case comes in the form of reduced insurance premiums on the residential property. The insurance companies know that your property is less prone to threats if you have a smart home security and automation system on-board which is why they tend to allow you relaxation in the insurance premiums.
  • Most people are of the view that once a security system is installed in a house, it cannot be moved to another place incase of relocation. Lucky for them, the home security and automation service providers are considerable enough to relocate your entire system to the new location free of cost as a part of their ‘movers plan.’ This implies that no matter where you go, your home security investment goes with you.

All of the aforementioned points speak in contrast to the previously discussed preconceived notions that suggest that opting for a home security & automation system is an extravagant affair. Therefore, with the current state of affairs in terms of the crimes and hazards being what it is, the wise decision for all the homeowners would be to opt for a smart home security and automation system.

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