Safety Tips for Kids

5 Safety Tips for Your Kids While They Get Off the School Bus

According to the US Department of Justice, more than 800,000 individuals are abducted across US. 36% of them include infants, kids, teens and children under 18. There are many types of child abductions. It includes family and non-family abductions, runaways and ‘thrown away’.

Recent advancements in technology have helped in resolving many child abduction cases. Home alarms also have played a great role in this regard.

Here are top 5 safety tips for your kids while they get off the school bus:

Remember Important Numbers

People usually save important emergency phone numbers in their smartphones. But most of them don’t remember them. This is not a good habit when it comes to emergency. You should always memorize your emergency contacts. Teach your kids to remember some of the most important contact numbers too. Display the numbers in their room. Sing your number to your kids so that they remember them.

Emergency Plan

Train them and teach them an emergency plan depending on the type of situation. Your kids should know what to do during an emergency at home or school. They should know how they have to evacuate a building in such cases. Educate them to run to a trusted neighbor/friend if you are not nearby.

Be Close to Break the Ice

Befriend your kids. You should be close to them. Don’t let them feel lonely if there is a problem or if they’re dealing with any kind of mental stress or disturbance. Be frank enough with them so that they share their problems with you. They should not hide from you anything that happens with them at school, in the bus or in the neighborhood. If your child feels harassed seeing a particular person, politely ask them the real reason and deal with the ones who are bullying them.

Orientation before Their First Day at School

Before you send your child to school for their first day, teach your kids at home not to talk to strangers and take anything from a stranger. After sending them to school, keep a check on them by talking to their teachers and make sure they are secure in their classroom.

Install a Doorbell Camera

Many times you have to go out, leaving your young kids at home all alone. Don’t let anyone around you know that your kids are alone at home. Install a doorbell camera for them and train them to review the visitor remotely.

Peek in Their Rooms & Play Area

When at work, you should be able to peek in anytime in your kids’ room and play area. You should be aware where they are. To make sure you always have them on check, install home security cameras at your home. With security cameras, you can keep track of your little munchkins 24×7, even if you’re not at home.

Increase their Safety

Secure your kids with a smart home security system. Arm your alarm when your kids are alone. Offer them complete security so you never lose them. Train them to use the alarm system themselves. They should be able to arm and disarm the alarm system, check the control panel and use the keychain remote to call first responder without needing your help. Educate them to keep their room doors locked at night.

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