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5 Home Security Equipment That Are Truly Energy Efficient

US is the biggest Smart Home market in the world, according to Statista. The market generated $19,827 million revenue in 2018.  Many people are choosing energy efficient home security systems in Ohio. Because they not only offer excellent monitoring and 24-hour protection, but also promise energy efficiency. They offer a wide range of benefits and help manage side savings as well.

Let us see 5 best home security alarm equipment that are truly energy efficient, offer endless convenience:

Smart Thermostat

In 2018, many homeowners changed their traditional thermostats with smart thermostats. Best home security alarm systems in Ohio include a smart thermostat as part of the package. This is an amazing smart energy gadget that helps reduce electricity bills, improves energy consumption and also gives you complete peace of mind and convenience.

Adjusting your home temperature used to be difficult at times, especially when one is feeling lazy, sick or is away. Well, nowadays you can operate it remotely without any issue. You can also get temperature alerts on your cellphone as well.

Smart Bulb

Another brilliant smart home product is the smart bulb. Home security systems in Ohio offer this smart light bulb too. It consumes only a minimum amount of energy and offers better illumination in return. Smart bulbs can be operated remotely, even when you are away. This helps resolve many household problems to all busy parents, lonely homeowners and people living in far-off regions out there. In addition, smart bulbs can also play their role to deter crime from you as well. Many criminals take advantage of your absence. To show that you are at home and awake, you just use your smartphone to turn on and off your smart bulbs and keep enjoying your holiday while you are away from home.

Smart Plug

Think about smart home and smart plug will come to your mind. Smart plug is another new gadget that is an energy efficient home security alarm device. You can control it via your smartphone and turn on/off any home appliance. For instance, you can use your smartphone to turn off your television, connected with your smart plug in case you forgot switching it off before leaving home.

Moreover, you can also use a smart plug to pretend you are at home while you are not. Burglars and thieves fear homeowners and try to avoid facing them. It can be a good trick to use your smart plug to turn on/off something that makes noise or gives light, just to show others that you are there and at home. For example, your coffee machine, blender or any audio device can be used for this purpose.

Smart Door Lock

Controllable from a smartphone, Keyless entry door lock is another smart home product. It does not require keys to let you enter your door. You can assign unique access codes to your family members and monitor all entry/exit activities in a better way by using this smart device.

Smartphone Enabled Home Alarms

Home alarms that are smartphone enabled make life easier for homeowners and customers using smart home security systems. You don’t have to move around a lot at home if you have these security devices. It even ensures zero risks of false alarms as you get a smartphone notification when there is any kind of activity.

Additionally, your smartphone can control everything for you even if you are not at home. You can arm your home security system, turn on/off your lamp lights, keep a check through a surveillance camera and operate your door sensors through smartphone enabled wireless home alarms.

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