Tips & Guidelines: 5 Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe at Home

Famous American politician, Steve King once said, “Guns are to men what jewelry is to women,” and he was right to a great extent. Women love to have jewelry from around the world. They buy it, wear it and love it all. Interestingly, many men nowadays like to use some jewelry items like bracelets, rings and headbands etc. too.

Jewelry is a beautiful accessory to wear but it is also difficult to keep it safe at home. Jewelry owners and shoppers remain on the hit list of many robbers, burglars and thieves. Statistical estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau shows there are a total of 22,655 jewelry stores in the country and these stores sold about $2.6 billion in 2016. Another survey report depicts that there are a large number of jewelry buyers in California. Regardless of the gender, many Californian homeowners love to purchase, keep and wear expensive jewelry. This is one of the causes of high number of property crimes in the state.

According to a recent FBI data, 1 in 39 California residents are at a high risk of being a property crime victim. So, to prevent yourself from being a victim and to keep your expensive jewelry safe at home, follow these given tips:

1.      Be Extremely Careful

Be very careful about your jewelry. If you like wearing expensive jewelry at home, at parties or at your neighborhood festivals and family dinners, make sure you are conscious about your surroundings. You should know who watches you and who is more interested in your glittery artifacts than talking with you. Try to put on something to hide your luxury necklace and earrings when you need to travel.

2.      Add Layers of Safety

When trying to save your jewelry, put it in a nice box, lock the box in a safe or even secure your drawer. Keep the keys with you. In case you keep your jewelry in a cupboard, try to hide the expensive items away from sight. Add layers of safety on it and never forget to lock your cupboard.

3.      Install Latest Video Surveillance Cameras

Don’t forget to install a video surveillance camera in the area where you’ve kept your jewelry. So either it is in your cupboard, drawer or in the closet where your costly jewelry items are saved, you’ll have an extra layer with this practice. Your camera should focus the cupboard so that you can notice any tamper activity at any time and see who opens it. Novel technology used in modern video surveillance cameras help trip the alarm system and send you notifications on your smartphones, as soon as there is motion detection around the point of focus.

4.      Secure the Room

Make sure your room is fully secure from any threat using latest door and window sensors. These home security equipment record each entry and exit from your door, notify you and the security monitoring agents, in case there is a suspicious entry. Make sure your room has a glass break sensor installed that will be ruling out risks of glass break activity.

5.      Call the Best Home Security System in California

Calling the best home security alarm system provider in California to help you out find more ways and techniques to secure your valuables can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. The home security service consultants are experts in giving good advice to the homeowners for their property, life and family protection.

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