5 Tips to Safeguard Your Home against Criminals

Safeguard your home against criminals with these police-approved tips

On an average, 764,606 homes were invaded in 2016, according to police data. The average loss calculated was about $2,361 and this does not include home intrusions that went unrecorded in the country. Taking a look at local news reports show there are burglaries, robberies and intrusions every other day. According to a police report, home invasions and other property crimes have become commonplace today. People feel less safe and think twice before leaving their homes in morning.  However, this is not an issue for those who take proper steps to keep their homes protected against burglars, invaders and other criminals.

Here are some of the tips you can follow to stay safe and happy at your home:

1. Invest in Modern Technology

Modern technology is baffling us since day one. There are equipment and devices that are extremely beneficial to us. Many devices are invented to keep your home protected from criminals and other vile characters. Latest video surveillance cameras for instance are proving to be highly beneficial in this regard. With high tech home security cameras, you can watch over your surroundings, record clips of your sensitive in-home areas and even book suspects into jail. Similarly, latest motion detectors are extremely efficient to detect any mysterious motion without making errors. They are pet friendly as well and rid chances of false alarms to keep you away from extra trouble.

Innovation in home security systems has made it possible to protect you and your home even if you are away. The devices are easy-to-use and simple to operate. You can control them using your mobile phone and get instant notifications in case there is an emergency.

2. Go for the Best Monitoring Services

Best home security systems ensure your home and family protection with no compromise. The service charges are affordable so that anyone can buy them. You can be at peace if you know there is someone protecting your home 24/7. Take monitoring agents as your personal security guards who don’t sleep or take rest. They offer excellent monitoring services round the clock, even when you are not at home.

3. Think Smartly with Keyless Entry Locks

Smart door locks are your reliable home security equipment that makes sure all your home doors are locked well. They don’t allow forceful entries with master keys and can alert you as soon as there is a suspicious attempt to unlock them. Keyless entry locks are based on novel technology that gives you freedom to operate your doors using your mobile phones. No keys needed now, just use the security code to enter or exit your smart door lock.

4. Install Home Security Cameras at Vulnerable Points

As mentioned, home security cameras are widely used at homes nowadays and they protect your homes against all types of appalling situations. They are a sure way to reach the culprits in case there is an attempt to invade your home. This is the major reason many burglars and bad guys hate home security cameras. While traditional home security cameras could be tampered, the modern video surveillance cameras can’t be messed up with. They have in-built motion detectors and are very sensitive to suspicious motions.

With wide angled camera field, it becomes difficult for the criminal to hide himself away from the camera. Moreover, the modern security cameras offer mobile access as well. You get notifications on your cellphone about any mysterious attempt and you can also watch over your home from your mobile device anywhere, anytime.

5. Emergency Preparedness Devices

Many home security alarm devices are introduced to help you during emergency situations in a better way. For instance, a medical alert button and the keychain remote are true life savers. These two home security devices are considered as the most beneficial devices which can help you remain safe during dangerous situations at home. Anytime you feel there is an invader at home, you can click your handy keychain remote or the panic button to call emergency support at your doorstep, without wasting anytime.

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