Tips to Secure Your Bedroom

Home Security: 5 Tips to Secure Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a personal space to relax and rest. You don’t like anyone to enter your room without your permission. Some of you even keep it locked.This is a good practice from a security point too.

Rising burglary and robbery cases make it important to take steps for ensuring your personal room safety.

9 in 10 burglars and home invaders come straight to bedrooms. They think they can find precious belongings and cash over there. Police reports showed in 980 home invasions, burglars in 912 cases intruded personal spaces to rob homeowners. The data revealed 500 individuals remained secure at the time of burglary. They were locked in their rooms. This data shows you should be highly careful about bedroom safety.

We are sharing some police approved tips to help protect your bedchambers. Homeowners who like to have open windows, balconies or huge glass windows, must apply these tips:

1. Order Window Glassbreak Sensors

People who like to keep their room windows open should make sure there are glass break sensors. These will turn the alarm on in case of any emergency. Individuals who have huge glass windows in their rooms should order these sensors too. This ensures foolproof room security. Window glass break sensors can also be installed anywhere a glass is used. This sensor keeps you updated regarding any glass breakage activity. It trips alarm as soon as anyone tries to break your window or room glass to enter.

2. Get Your Room Locked with a Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are powerful locks that make it impossible to break your room door with master keys. With a personal access code, you can enter your room without needing keys. Lock your door using this keyless smart door lock and forget about worries before going to work.

3. Keep Cupboards, Drawers and Safes Closed

Never keep your precious things open and accessible to anyone. Don’t throw them here and there so that anyone can enter and steal them. Put your cash, gems and credit cards in a safe locked place. If you have to go away for a long time, make sure all your safes, drawers and cupboards are locked and secured.

4. Never Share Your Keys

Let no one know where you place your keys, except your close friends and family members. Don’t give details about your personal assets and belongings to anyone. Don’t allow everyone to enter your personal space at all.

5. Use Home Alarm Devices Wisely

Make wise use of home alarm devices in your bedroom. Place a video surveillance cameras outside your room to keep a check on the walkway. Use motion sensors inside your room and focus towards your secret drawer and windows. The motion sensor senses movements at night and triggers the alarm system instantly. And the best part is, there is no camera in a motion sensor that can be any threat for your privacy.

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