5 Ways How to Prevent a Burglary

5 Ways to Prevent a Home Invasion Burglary

Learn these five best strategies to deter burglars from your home for life

Every 13 seconds there is a burglary in an American home, FBI statistics show. Most burglars enter through the main or rear door. From 2003 to 2007, 3.7 million burglaries were registered in America, according to the Bureau of Justice report.

Roughly, at least one family member was present in 1 million burglaries and he became a victim in 266,560 incidents. With these confounding statistics, it is highly critical to take preventive measures against burglary prospects.

Here are some tips that will surely help you to create multiple layers of defense that a burglar must face before gaining access to your residence:

1.  Maintain Your Shrubbery

Intruders can hide in your shrubbery and you wouldn’t even know about it. This is why it is extremely important to maintain your lawn, backyard and entrance points. Shrubbery should be short enough so that a burglar or any other person couldn’t hide behind them. But it should be there to create an impassable barrier.

Think about a Creepy Juniper, Common Holly, Blue Spruce and Pencil Christmas Tree to plant around your home. Moreover, you should also install outdoor security cameras facing your shrubbery to protect these places from burglars and home invaders.

2.  Secure all Entry/Exit Points

Make sure all your home entry points are well protected and secure. Integrate home security entry products for this purpose. These products help to secure all main entrances and exits of your home. These products include smart door locks, door sensors and doorbell cameras and many more. Here are some of the entry point products that can prove to be beneficial for you.

Keep your doors secure with keyless entry locks. These are home security equipment that help secure your doors. They involve special codes to let you enter your home.

Similarly, door sensors are also special type of sensors that register opening and closing of your doors and help you to protect yourself in unsuspected opening/closing of your entry doors events like break-ins.

Also, doorbell cameras come with home security systems that make possible to interact with visitors outside your door, using your smartphone. You can also view live video clips of the visitors from the doorbell camera and talk to them remotely.

3.  Pretend You are Home

Smart energy products that come with home security systems are highly beneficial to help prevent burglaries. For instance, smart bulbs and lights can be scheduled to be turned on and off. You can also control them from anywhere using your smartphone. Integrate them with your home security alarm system to give impression to burglars that you are home.

Keep your home well lit and illuminated. This helps deter criminals, police suggests.

4.  Buy Monitored Home Security Systems

Rutgers University’s study showed that homes with a monitored home security  systems are less likely to be burglarized. They keep you protected 24-hours.

Robbers and burglars don’t like to enter homes if there is a reliable home security system installed in them. Monitored home security alarm systems not only keep your home on check but also help to keep your neighborhood safe from criminals.

Buying the best home security system gives you mental peace and protects your family round the clock. Monitored home security systems offer professional services to guard your home and valuables even when you are not at home.

The monitoring hub takes quick steps to dispatch local first responders for you and ensure that you are safe whenever you need to be.

5.  Utilize Latest Home Security Equipment

Home security equipment nowadays is modernized. Unlike traditional security equipment, the new devices are more reliable and work better than others. Based on latest technology, they can’t be easily tampered, hacked or messed up with.

New home security equipment have reduced risks of false alarms to a great extent as well. Moreover, they come with lifetime warranty and can effectively perform their respective functions without delay. The equipment line includes glass break sensors, modern motion detectors and home security surveillance cameras etc. Glass break sensors help to detect window glass tampering activity and trigger the alarm if an activity takes place, hence securing you, your family and your home.

Modern motion detectors are in-home security equipment that help in detecting suspected movements and home security surveillance cameras help you to keep safer against all odds.

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