National Parents Day

5 Ways to Celebrate this National Parents’ Day

Every 22nd July, we observe ‘National Parents Day’ in US to honor the eternal love and care of the two most important people in our lives: our parents. In 1994, former President Bill Clinton finalized this date as the official Parents’ Day. This was an effort to pay tribute to all the parents and support their role in society.

No doubt, parents are role models for their children. They do every possible thing they could for their children. And so, it is our responsibility to acknowledge all those sincere efforts and sacrifices that our parents have ever made selflessly.

Let us celebrate this day today with all our heart and make an effort to show our love for our parents. Here are top 5 ways to celebrate this National Parents’ Day:

1. Make a Card

The best thing about a parent and child relationship is its selflessness. Parents do not expect their children to give them luxurious gifts, take them to lavish restaurants and offer them expensive items. They can be happy even if you pass them a warm smile or write them a small note.

Take time to make a beautiful card and pen down your feelings for your parents. Believe me, nothing makes them happier than a written note showing your true emotions about them.

2. Show Them Your Care

There can be many ways to show care to your parents. But one of the most beautiful ways is to offer them what they need the most in their twilight years. For instance, you can buy them a latest medical panic button. This button can help you keep in touch with them all the time. A panic button is a useful medical help equipment which your old parents can wear or keep with them for 24-hour medical support. It helps save time during a medical emergency and calls for help when it is needed most.

3. Secure Them

Whether you live with them or not, do try to make sure they stay safe all the time from burglars, home invaders and other criminals. Recently, South Philadelphia police department informed that most burglars target homes when homeowners are away for work; while their retired family members are at home. This is a major security risk for your parents and other older family members too. Prevent a bad incident to happen to your parents by investing in a latest home security alarm system. Home security systems in US help control crime rates at nominal monthly charges.

4. Invest For Their Home Safety

Safety of your parents and family is one of your top priorities. You never want them to get hurt in case of a home fire, smoke or CO gas leakage event, right? But your elderly family members may not be able to tackle any environmental hazard themselves considering their age factor. So, to ensure their safety, place smoke/heat/freeze detectors at home. A smoke detector is a home safety equipment that monitors your home 24/7 against smoke/heat and even freeze events. Furthermore, adding a firefighter sensor enables you to stay safe against home fire as well. A firefighter sensor activates the home alarm system in case there is a fire emergency, to protect your home and loved ones timely.

5. Facilitate Them

Remember how your father and mother facilitated you when you were a child? You grew up holding their fingers. Now is the time to give them convenience in their old age. Install every equipment that can help ease their life. Smart home energy equipment, for example, can help give convenience to them. A smart thermostat is adjustable by using a smartphone. Similarly, a smart bulb can also be an easy-to-use device that your parents can simply operate. In addition, a smart plug can help the elderly ones to control their home appliances without leaving their chair. Take care of them like they once did for you.

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