Pennsylvania Day

5 Ways to Celebrate This National Pennsylvania Day

Today is 20th July, the day when Pennsylvania joined the Union even though it was a part of it since 18th Century. It is time to celebrate and enjoy best things about the Keystone state.

There are many reasons why it is known as the Keystone state. PA has a huge role in Independence of the country. Its vote for liberation and role to help cement country’s union is unforgettable. The U.S. Constitution and even the Great Declaration were also registered in Pennsylvania.

Let us share 5 best ways to observe the National Pennsylvania Day this 20th of July:

Explore the State

If you love to travel, the best way to celebrate this day is to explore Pennsylvania. Take a day off and plan your trip to Longwood Gardens, Devils Den or even to Cucumber Fall. If you are unable to make it, you can explore the Keystone place virtually.

Check out its rich history, culture and places that are worth a watch online.

Engage with Others

An interesting way to celebrate Pennsylvania Day is to engage with family and friends. You can invite your friends at home and share interesting facts about the state. This is a great way to increase awareness.

Your State is Your Home

Do you agree that the state you live in is your home? Let us celebrate this great day pledging we would contribute to our state’s success, peace, prosperity and growth. 1 in 57 Pennsylvanians is at high risk of becoming a property crime victim, according to recent FBI’s states. Let us help our state and country people beat crime on this National Day.

As a homeowner, let us play our part to secure our home from burglars, thieves and criminals. Let us add to the peace of our home, state and nation. Let us arm our homes with modern home security systems in Pennsylvania for the better good of everyone. This can help reassure peace in the state. With 24-hour monitoring, most companies with wireless home security systems in PA offer free of cost equipment and same day installation services for homeowners at $0.

Make Pennsylvania Smarter

Pennsylvania is a smart state and one of the things popular about its residents is that they are progressive and dynamic. They know ways to reduce costs on electricity, manage side savings and live an up-to-date life. If you think on the same lines, adopt a smarter lifestyle. Try a smart bulb that consumes only 9 watts to brighten up your home and has more than 20-year lifespan. Keep smart thermostat at home that allows you to virtually control the temperature of your home. You don’t have to get up to adjust room temperature of your kids or elderly ones with a smart thermostat. Just click your smartphone app and you are done.

Contact us for more details about smart home devices that can help you save time and energy.

And a Happy National Pennsylvania Day!

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