Respect for Parents Day

5 Ways to Celebrate This ‘Respect for Parents Day’

Each 1st August, we celebrate “Respect for Parents Day” in United States. A day that reminds each of us to show love and care for those who gave everything to us. This day, unite with your family and recognize the role of your parents as your leaders and show respect to them. Pledge today that you will give your parents the value and significance that they deserve. Remember the times when they fed you in childhood, sent you to school for the first time and took your first picture. And don’t forget, we will be parents one day too.

How about here is how you can celebrate this Respect for Parents Day with your parents:

1. Make Something for Them

Ask what your parents like to eat. Make it for them, if you can. If you can’t cook, try to buy them something they love to eat. If your parents are not into eating a lot, then making them a gift card, a photo album or a drawing can be a good idea.

2. Offer them a Gift

What about giving your parents a gift? Gifts are a good way to share love and melt someone’s heart. You should give your parents something nice, particularly, if there is a communication gap between you guys. Gifts are good to help reduce communication gaps, psychologists say.

3. Show Your Care

There can be many ways to show your care to your parents. If they are old, give them a medical alert button or help them manage their household tasks well by giving them a keychain remote.

A medical alert button comes handy during emergencies. It can help get your elderly loved ones timely first aid and hence save their life. It is also called a panic button which can either be worn or kept near the user. You can choose to get it in a medical alert pendant design or a wristband, as it comes in 2 wearable options. You can also keep the panic button beside your parents’ table. In case of emergency, they can push this button to have first aid, even if you are away.

Buy a keychain remote even for your younger parents, to help them get their household chores done without delays. Keychain remote has four different buttons that can help your parents accomplish four different tasks easily. They can arm and disarm their home security system using it, turn off and on their lights and can call immediate help in case of a problem by pushing the in-built panic button.

4. Take Them Out Somewhere

On this Respect for Parents Day, plan a family trip with your mom and dad. Go for a nice dinner, check into a new eatery around the corner of the block or just walk with them near your home to show that you care for them. Spend quality time together wherever you want to.

5. Secure their Room/Living

Make sure your parents live at a secure and safe place. Property crime rate is high around the country. Get a monitored home security system for them, so that they can live peacefully in their twilight years.

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