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5 Ways Wireless Security Systems Are Better than Hardwired Alarms

FBI reveals, every 13 second a family is burgled in US. A total of 2.5 million homes suffer home invasion each year. Homes with a home security system are 300 times less vulnerable than those who don’t have any. So homeowners, therefore, make sure their homes are equipped with smart home security systems.

Did you know some homeowners confuse whether to order a wired or wireless alarm system? Although the wireless alarms have more perks than any hardwired system.

Experts give 5 top reasons how a wireless home security system is better than its counterpart:

    1. Portability

      Today’s global world demands us to be on the move. A statistical report shows about $480 billion was spent on domestic travel in 2012. Wherever you live, you need a secure abode. You can port wireless home security systems with you wherever you go. Video surveillance cameras, motion detectors and smoke detectors are three top safety devices that everyone should have with them. Hardwired alarms can be moved from one place to another, but the chances are the wires get damaged while moving. This means you need to order a new one every time you need to change your location.

    2. No Strings Attached

      Hardwired alarms are dependent on wires. You need extensive wiring to install them. Once installed, you can’t mess with the wiring. If there is a problem in any of the wires, the whole system would be interrupted. Wireless home security systems don’t depend on wires. They work on long lasting batteries and trigger the alarm by sending signals wirelessly. Almost all home entry products have built-in batteries. If there is a fault in battery of any security product, it would have no effect on others. You can change the battery and the security product would start working again.

    3. Convenience & Control on the Go

      Wired alarm systems are old fashioned. They are based on old technology. Wireless home security systems on the other hand are based on modern technology. You can operate them from your cellphone, laptop, tablet, or any computer system. Latest alarm equipment is controlled using smart devices, ensuring you convenience and control while on the go.

    4. Pet Friendly

      Traditional motion detectors are not pet immune. They trigger if a family pet moves in front of them. Latest motion detectors are based on Passive Infrared Technology (PIR), which allows you to have pets at home. You can enjoy with your favorite puppy even around your motion detectors. Hardwired alarm products are usually not pet friendly, ending up with more chances of false alarms at your home.

    5. Tamper Proof

      Wireless technology addresses all your concerns as a homeowner. Hardwired home alarm systems are more prone to tampering. Anyone can cut the wire at home or around your house to deprive you from 24-hour monitoring services. Wireless home security makes sure you keep away from tampering of any kind. It also minimizes risks of Crash & Smash burglary with Crash and Smash proof technology.

    In short, wireless home security systems are smarter, better and more reliable. They also offer smart home automation products. These products help reduce your electricity bill and make your home more comfortable.

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