Shot Dead in New York

News Alert: 5-year-old Killed With 3 Other Family Members, NY

New York – Four family members including a 5-year-old kid is murdered in Queens on 30th July night. Early investigations show it is a murder suicide, according to police.

Horror shook Astoria, 23rd Street in 30th Drive when police received call of a dying man late at night this Monday.

On arrival at his home, cops found dead bodies of a kid, 2 young women and a man. Read more.

How to Keep Your Home Safe from Criminals

1 in 266 New York homeowners are at high risks of being a violence victim, according to Neighborhood Scout. And one in 65 have chances of becoming a property crime victim.  To prevent becoming a part of these statistics, keep your home and family from criminals and bad guys. Here are some of the tips to ensure home protection:

  1. Install Home Security Camera Systems

    One of the most effective ways to keep your family and loved ones safe against criminals is by fixing in security camera system at your home. Indoor and outdoor home security camera systems provide 24-hour surveillance and help deter convicts from your home.

  2. Get a Glass Break Sensor

    Get a glass break sensor to secure your windows and doors made of glass. The wireless glass break sensor makes sure burglars and other criminals don’t enter your home by just breaking your glass.

  3. Use Keyless Entry Door Locks

    Police say that 66% of criminals attack your door to invade your home. Door locks with keys have bump keys that criminals can use. Having a keyless entry door lock means 100% surety that no criminal would be able to break-in by using master keys.

  4. Order Home Security Systems in New York

    Ordering home security systems in New York means that your home is 3 times more secure against crimes and criminals. With free home security system devices and 24-hour monitoring services, you can ensure peace of mind as convicts deter from homes which are armed with a home security systems. Feel free to Contact us for more details.

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