6 Easy Ways to Prevent Fires in Your Home

According to a report, home fire is one of the major causes of deaths all over the world. In 2016, 352,000 house fires were reported in US. Total number of deaths caused by fire events are 2,735, while the rate of injury is 10,750 with $5.7 billion property loss, as shared by the National Fire Protection Association.

Did you know one of the major causes of home fire in U.S. is human error and carelessness by the homeowners? This means a lot of home fire risks can be reduced, a lot of lives can be saved and a lot of property damage can be prevented only if we learn some basic fire prevention tricks.

7 easy ways to prevent house fire risks given by the fire protection department are listed here:

1.      Turn Off Your Stoves, Furnaces and Heaters at Night

Many people forget to turn off their stoves, furnace and other fire-related equipment before sleeping. Some make it a habit to keep these things on at night to keep themselves warm. This is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in their life. Never sleep leaving your fire equipment on, merely for the best of your family and home protection.

2.      Don’t throw Cigarette Butts Everywhere

It is always better to smoke outside your home. But if you are not with the habit to smoke outside, at least make sure your cigarette butts are not laying here and there on the floor. Sometimes, this can become a cause of deadly home fire.

3.      Order a Firefighter Sensor

A firefighter sensor is one of the best home safety devices that can help protect you against home fire. The firefighter sensor turns on the alarm system anytime it detects smoke or fire heat at your home. It also sends you notifications on your cell phone even if you are away from home, keeping you updated.

4.      Install a Smoke Detector

Firefighter works better with a smoke detector, which uses its sensor system to trigger the home alarm and informs homeowners about a fire event. Smoke detectors, on the other hand, detect smoke, heat and even freeze at home, to keep your family and home safe against these deadly hazards.

5.      Prefer Monitored Home Security Systems

To your surprise, a home security monitoring system is not just a security system, it also offers excellent safety against all other natural disasters and home emergencies. These devices offered by modern home security systems help keep your home safe. The monitoring stations make sure you get instant help at any time, when your family needs it. Home safety and security monitoring system works 24/7/365, making sure you are well protected and safe at home.

6.      Take CO Detector’s Help

CO (carbon monoxide) detectors help to keep away from CO intoxication. It is a harmful gas that can accumulate in your home slowly and cause you great damage while you are around or fast asleep. The CO sensor senses even the lowest traces of this gas and triggers the alarm system for you.

In short, safety of your home and family is in your hands. Make sure you follow these tips to protect your loved ones against home fire or worse. Stay safe!

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