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6 Trends that Will Shape Up Home Security Industry in 2019

Experts say it is a high time to invest in home security systems. Technological advancements are shaping up the home alarms. Soon modern security systems will overtake the conventional alarms. They already have, in fact. Even if you have an alarm system at home, you would soon be replacing it with the newer monitoring system. Here are some of the trends that will shape up the home security industry in 2019:

  1. 2 Way Voice Communication

    Many a time homeowners had to face embarrassment in front of the first responders. The cause was false home security alarms. Modern technology has erased this issue with 2-way voice communication. The main benefit of this communication system is that the monitoring personnel can confirm about an intruder alarm before sending help. Doesn’t matter whether your cell phone is working or not, the communication will be done through the central control panel.

  2. Crash & Smash Technology

    Some ‘over-smart’ home invaders started destroying the central control panel to disarm your home alarm system. This was called “crash & smash burglary”. Advanced home security systems are even smarter. They are crash and smash burglary-proof. Even the destroyed control panel works to protect you.

  3. Video Surveillance & Live Streaming

    Stealing, tampering, assaulting is not easy anymore. The modern security cameras are active and vigilant 24-hours. These motion triggered cameras send live alerts to the homeowners to warn them.

  4. 24-hour Monitoring

    Older alarm devices had shorter life spans. They could not provide service in case there is an electric failure, flood or heavy rain. Latest home security systems are battery-powered. The wireless devices don’t stop working in case of power outage.

    Moreover, the monitoring team works 24-hours to provide you security. They work in batches and stay alert in case there is an alarm message. Home or away, you can rely on the team for your home and family safety.

  5. Security Automation

    Smart homes and home security were two different things. New era has made them one. Now you call it security automation. The devices in home automation can also help provide home security. Take example of the smart plugs. Switch your home appliances in the smart plugs to save money and to control your home on the go.

  6. Geo-Fencing

    Geo-fencing is a newer concept. Latest home security systems are basing their services on it. The technology creates a geographical boundary for automated arming/disarming your home security system. You can schedule the alarm system and it will follow your instructions. You can switch to different types of modes for your convenience. Add a ‘Home’, ‘Away’ and ‘Work’ mode. Each of these modes can have specialized settings. At home mode, the system can be disarmed, your room lights can be turned on and your radio can start working etc.

Experts say there are many other features to be added in the near future. All these are meant to give you complete peace of mind and improve the service. Stay tuned and enjoy the latest trends!

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