7 Ways How a Wireless Smart Home Security System Can Keep You Connected

8 in 10 convicts confessed they avoid homes equipped with home security systems. Another survey report conducted in US showed most homeowners like to go for a wireless home security system rather than choosing wired home security alarms. It is because the wireless home security systems are considered smarter and more reliable. The biggest benefit that modern home security systems offer are helping you to stay in touch with your family and loved ones.

If you are a homeowner and are using a wireless home security system, here are 7 best tips that can help to keep you connected with your family from anywhere and at any time.

1. Mount Home Security Cameras

Stay connected through security cameras. These cameras are one of the most incredible smart home security equipment that everyone should have. Mounting the best home security cameras above your front/back doors, exit and entry points and living rooms can help keep these places monitored and safe. These cameras also enable you to keep a check on your family and loved ones anytime you are free, or want to review your home security situation.

2. Install Motion Detectors

Many times we’ve read stories of homeowners who became victims of burglary or home invasions. Installing a motion detector helps you keep away from such incidents. If you think there are some weaker areas in your home and keep worrying about your terrace, lounge or backyard, then get a motion detector installed at those points. You wouldn’t need to get up in the middle of the night and check your terrace or lounge on every sound anymore. A motion detector is smart enough to trip the intruder alarm as soon as there is a threat. It sends you a quick alert on your phone, ensuring your protection.

3. Grab Medical Alert Buttons

A medical alert button is also called a panic button and is useful for families with elderly members or ailing patients. The portable panic button can be kept by anyone who wants to increase their safety. Simple to use and easy to wear, the panic button alerts timely for instant help. The panic button is one best way to know how your grandparents are doing at home.

4. Keep the Smart Bulbs On

Smart bulbs are gaining popularity with the advent of new technology. The bulbs can be controlled by your smartphone from anywhere. You can control your home lights and even schedule them automatically using the smart bulbs.

5. Ease Your Life with Smart Plugs

Ease your life with a smart plug and prepare yourself for multitasking. Now you can turn on your coffee machine before your husband wakes up in morning, or even use the dryer and washing machine at the same time, right from your smartphone even if you are still in bed.

6. Have a Doorbell Camera

Having a doorbell camera means you can never miss an important package, mail or a dear friend. Answer to the door knock through your mobile phone while sitting away on the shore during these vacations. Check live chips of the knockers from your mobile and interact with them seamlessly without any effort.

7. Purchase a Smoke Detector

Smoke and heat are one of the major causes of house fire. To prevent them, purchase a smoke detector that would not only help protect your family, but also would send you instant notifications about any fire emergency detection, especially if you are not at home.


For more tips on how a wireless smart home security system can help stay connected with your loved ones, feel free to contact us.

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