House Fire

A Man Sets House on Fire in Fremont, OH

Ohio – After a brief argument over money, an enraged man set a home on fire in Buchanan Street.

The incident took place on Thursday morning, informs police. 53-year-old David Flickinger is held by police and has aggravated arson charges. Flickinger, along with his partner, went to the victim’s house to ask for money. When refused, he threatened the homeowners that he would burn down their house.

Police says the victim did not believe he would go and try to burn their house in reality. Read more.

How to Prevent a House Fire

2GIG Fire Safety Equipment

Protect Your Family & Pets From Fire Incidents


National Fire Protection Association suggests everyone to take preventions seriously. Uncontrolled fire may cause injury and even death. To prevent from such a situation at home, follow these tips:

  1. Have Fire Safety Devices

Purchase home safety devices that offer protection against house fires. For instance, you can buy a fire fighter sensor. This sensor monitors your home against fire, and in case of any emergency, it triggers the alarm system while sending you instant mobile alerts. It works well with a smoke detector that helps detect smoke/heat/freeze indoors and informs you about it beforehand.

  1. Take Care while Handling Fire

NPFA shared a recent report that showed, in most cases, mishandling fire is the major cause of damage. So, make sure you handle it well in the kitchen. Equipment such as your stoves, heaters, electric appliances and candles etc. should be used with care.

  1. Keep Kids & Pets Away

Don’t allow your kids and pets go near fire. Ban their games that involve match sticks and candles etc. Train your pets to stay away from your heating appliances, especially from a stove. Keep it covered when you are done cooking.

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