A Tale Of How Doorbell Camera Saved My Life

A Tale Of How Doorbell Camera Saved My Life

A story of Clarice Johnson, 27 years old living independently in New York City.

So it was another day living in my penthouse, I recently shifted to New York City and I was living the ultimate dream of my life. An independent life, with no one to interfere, I was setting my own limitations and activities. But my dreams shattered in a one-night incident when a burglar tried to break into my house, which he did. But the whole incident was on record thanks to the doorbell camera installed outside my door.

The security system installed within the house was connected to the internal security cameras that caught the entire robbery on tape and the security officials were sent for help instantly by the monitoring center. That is the very day I realise the importance of home safety devices and I advise my friends and family to always use it.

Benefits Of Doorbell Cameras

  • Two-way audio
  • HD video quality
  • Motion detection
  • Can be viewed from multiple devices
  • Complete home security integration
  • Full-color night vision

There are several benefits of having doorbell cameras installed in your home, different people have different needs for them. Some people like to use their computer or laptop and use their doorbell camera to see who is at the door rather than going to the door every time it rings.

Others use it so that their children don’t have to answer the door when the parents are off to work or grocery store. People use these video recording to see if their parcel has arrived. Parents have used the doorbell camera to see who is coming to the house when they are not home or are there any unwanted guests coming over frequently.

Doorbell cameras are exceedingly useful for several different applications. Doorbell cameras can give you the peace of mind knowing that you or your kids never have to go to see who is at the front door.

Once you start responding to your front door from your smartphone, you will never think installing a doorbell camera was a bad decision.

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