Addressing the Pertinent ‘Home Security’ Related Questions

Addressing the Pertinent ‘Home Security’ Related Questions

With the rise in need of the home security systems due to the upsurge of home crimes across the states as well as the encouragement from the state government, people are gradually being drawn to the idea of installing home security systems. However, understandably, getting the best home security and automation system for your home can be a costly affair and a huge decision. Due to which, there’s a myriad of questions that can pop-up in the minds of homeowners as to how can they get a security system that fulfills the purpose and is good value for money. Perfect Home Defense seeks to provide ideal value to homeowners for their buck. To that interest, following are some of the recurring questions that we would like to answer:

How many Security Components are Sufficient for My Home/Business?

This question is perhaps the most pertinent among all customers. Unfortunately, it is also a question that can only be answered in real-time by a home security company representative as s/he visits your home and examines your property. The effectiveness of a home security system is dependent on factors such as the area of the property, number of rooms, entrances, blind spots among many other things. All of these factors must be accounted for to know whether or not a certain system would be sufficient. 

Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras?

First and foremost, one must bear in mind that the indoor environment is quite forgiving as compared to the outside environment. Therefore, the primary difference between the two devices would be in the ability to withstand a particular climate. Outdoor cameras are certainly more rigid in terms of build quality as compared to the indoor cameras. However, the indoor cameras, even though delicate, are better or equally as capable of providing a crystal clear image of the premises as per the need.

I have a pet cat/dog. Should skip installing the motion detectors?

Homeowners with pets often worry that their pet will keep on setting of a false alarm. The smart home security setup can read the body measurements such as height, weight, body temperature etc. based on which, the motion detectors determine whether or not an object is a threat.

How much will a security system cost for my house?

This question, much like the one with the need for the equipment, can only be answered in real-time. The cost is dependent on the number of home security and automation equipment being installed. Though, the customers can opt for various packages that can allow homeowners to save a considerable amount of cost.

Is there any additional benefit of Installing a Home Security System Other than Security Itself?

Yes there is. By installing a home security system, you can save on your home insurance up to 20%. With the rise in home crimes as of late, the insurance companies offer this incentive as an appreciation to those who take the smart decision of opting for a home security system and minimizing the internal and external threats to home safety.

What happens to my security system if and when I decide to move?

Wherever you go, your security system goes with you. Perfect Home Defense gives homeowners the liberty to move their home security system if they move to a new location. This saves them a considerable amount of expense, as well as saves them the hassle of getting acclimated to a brand new security system, which is a huge convenience.

Do I really need a home security system?

Yes. A burglar is not going to leave a home out just because its a rental or small or any such reason, especially if that house is an easy target. To a burglar, every property has valuables that a burglar can make use of. According to the FBI, every 15 seconds, a house is subjected to burglary in the United States. This could happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Another research by FBI states that 60% burglars look to confirm whether or not a home is protected. And if it is, chances are that they’ll flee from the scene without causing any harm. With that said, it is wise for all homeowners to install a home security system to keep their beloved home and family safe.

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