Install Glass Break Sensor

Advantages of Glass Break Sensors

Most homeowners like to decorate their homes with glasswork. It is a widely used material in home constructions these days. Doors, windows and walls made of glass increase the look and feel of a home. Look around and you will find many buildings that have glasswork done.

Although it looks fancy but it is a highly sensitive material. Anyone can break it using a small hammer or with any other such tool to enter your home.

According to a statistical report, 24% of thieves target your doors and windows to make an entry. Open windows and doors made of glass are considered easy targets by burglars.

The Glass Break Sensor

A glass break sensor secures your home from burglaries. This device has a special sensor that monitors glass shattering or breakage sounds, and triggers the alarm respectively. It has a vital role in providing security to your home. Residents having glass doors and windows must install glass break sensors for their home security.

How It Works?

Glass pane shattering produces a certain kind of “thud” sound. Various other sounds are also produced when a glass breaks into many pieces.

All these sounds carry distinct frequencies. The Glass break sensors detect and process these frequencies for determining if the glass is shattered or not. If a glass break activity has occurred, the glass break sensors trigger the intruder alarm immediately.

How to Use a Glass Break Sensor?

Using the glass break sensor is very easy. All you need to do is request your home security alarm company to install and activate glass break sensors for your home. One sensor is enough for a room with more than one glass windows and doors. If you have glass windows all around your home, install one glass break sensor for each room.

Major Benefits of a Glass Break Sensor

A glass break sensor has many benefits that are:

It Secures Your Home

Glass is a fragile material. Anyone can break it to enter your home. Installing a glass break sensor means you ensure the security of your home and possessions.

It Can Help Deter Burglars

Bad guys and criminals can be scared away if they find glass break sensors. Attach these sensors to your window glass pane to enjoy peace of mind.

It Can Help Reduce Crime Rate

Buying a glass break sensor and encouraging your neighbors to buy it can help reduce property crime rate in your area. It is because any attempt to break a glass window would trip the alarm system immediately. No burglar would attempt to enter your home again.

In short, order your home security system provider to install glass break sensors at your home to ensure complete home and family protection.

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