Arlington Man Jailed

Caught on Camera: Suspect taken into Custody for Robbery

TEXAS – An Arlington teen is taken into custody after police caught him on camera. He is charged for robbing a home and shooting 2 victims.

Derwayne Harvey is 19 year old. He is charged with burglary, home invasion, aggravated robbery, escaping arrest and possessing marijuana.

The killings happened on May 22 and June 12, 2018 respectively.

According to cops, the suspect was caught on a home security camera during the first incident. Read more.

How Home Security Video Surveillance Camera Can Keep You Protected?

Police says you are 3 times more secure if you use security cameras. Home security cameras are one of the main security devices that are helping police to solve many criminal cases across the world. Video surveillance cameras help keep an eye on your surroundings too.

Here are some of the points that show how a home security video surveillance camera is a must for you:

1.      Fits Every Home

Home security cameras are fit for every home. It doesn’t matter if your home is small or big; situated in a rural or urban area etc. You can get the home security camera fixed inside and outside your dwelling.

2.      Affordable

Home security cameras are not pricey. They are not made to suit the rich only. Nowadays, anyone can buy these cameras at a nominal price and reap the benefits.

3.      Convenience

You can’t keep an eye on your abode all the time. You have many things to do, right? And it becomes really difficult to decide leaving home these days due to high security alerts. Anyone can enter your home and rob you if you are not alert. A home security camera helps you observe your surroundings, the inside and outside of your home.

4.      Deter the Bad Guys

Home security alarm systems are one of the best ways to help secure your home. Video surveillance offered helps deter bad guys from home. Robbers and burglars fear being caught by security cameras, according to police.

To know more about how home security camera systems can keep you protected, contact us today.

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