Night Vision Modern Security Cameras

Benefits of Night Vision Modern Security Cameras

An FBI report shows more than 2.5 million homes suffer due to home invasions. Every 40 seconds, a child is abducted and after every 13 seconds, a home is invaded. Crime rate is 300 times higher at homes with no home security systems or active video surveillance cameras.

Why Do We Need Modern Security Cameras

Police say every home should have a modern security camera for their safety. Crime psychologists inform: thieves and ‘bad guys’ don’t like to be watched. Having a security camera at home means criminals are broadcasted. While traditional security cameras couldn’t show you live videos, modern security cameras can. No matter where you are, you can still watch live updates from your video surveillance systems.

10 years back you were not able to watch crystal clear videos in darkness. But now there are night vision enabled cameras. You can see crisp images even in low light. Many people might think why is the ‘night vision’ feature so important? Here is the answer to this before we tell you the benefits of night vision cameras.

Why a Night Vision Cam?

Always prefer a night vision camera over others. Many crimes occur in darkness. Night, bad light and darkness gives an edge to criminals. They usually prefer places that are bleaker. They wear dark clothes and masks for the same purpose. Remember, you install modern security cameras at home for your protection. What if it lets the suspect escape successfully? With a night vision cam, it is not possible to escape.

Here are some of the benefits of modern security cameras with night vision feature:

Benefits of Night Vision Security Cameras

  • Increased Protection

    Winter is almost here. Now nights will be darker and longer than before. It will be a low activity time. This gives edge to criminals to invade homes at night. Placing a security camera is not enough – install night vision cams for increased protection.

  • Scare the Bad Guys

    Police inform that many criminals bypass homes equipped with modern security systems with foolproof cameras. Installing a night vision camera means you can scare them even at night and in darkness.

  • Identify Home Invaders

    About half of the home invasion cases go unresolved each year. The reason is police couldn’t find the culprits. Mod security cameras have helped reduce crime rate to 23 percent, as per the reports. Video surveillance cameras help police to identify suspects and eventually arrest them.

  • Offer No Hide Out

    Some criminals play smart. They use different areas of your homes as night hide outs, such as your shed, terrace, balcony, and backyard etc. When your lights are out, they come out of these hide outs to enter your home. Night vision cameras won’t allow this anymore. They send you notifications on your email and smartphone about any suspected movement (even in darkness) so you can stay alert and safe.

  • Give ‘No Benefit of the Doubt’ to any Criminal

    There are many police cases in which the suspect gets the benefit of the doubt and you can’t do anything about it. If you have an outdated home security camera system, you are more likely to be giving the benefit of the doubt to your suspects. A blurry image from your cam can’t prove your claim and identify the culprit.

    Mount night vision cameras to get crisp and clear images, and give no benefit of the doubt at all to anyone.

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