Door Sensors for Home Security

Home Safety: How to Secure Your Entry & Exit Doors

An FBI report reveals 34% of intruders enter through your main door. 23 percent use your glass windows; while 22% attempt to break into your home through the rear door. Your entrance and exit points are the two most vulnerable places that need immediate attention.

Police gives smart solutions to help secure your entry and exit doors:

1. Keep them Locked

Police advises residents to keep their doors and windows locked, especially if they are not at home. Lock all your doors even if you are out for a while.

2. Use Solid Material

Change your doors and windows and choose solid material for them. For instance, if you have to make a choice between a plastic and metal door, pick the metal door. The reason is it is stronger than plastic and can’t be easily broken.

3. Use Door Alarm Sensors

One of the best solutions to protect your front and rear doors is to install a door alarm sensor. These sensors are widely used in home security systems. They help to keep your home and business safe and secure. Door sensors serve as a major defense barrier to all the vulnerable entrances and exits.

Door sensors have two equipment parts which have active magnetic fields between them. So as soon as someone opens the door while your system is armed, it sets the alarm. The control panel then sends warning signal to the central monitoring station for necessary action. Only authorized family members can disable the activated alarm.

Door sensors have two main types: wired and wireless. Both serve the basic purpose to secure your home. But wireless door sensors are more reliable and secure as they have long life built in batteries and they don’t rely on any power source. Therefore, most homeowners today, go for wireless door sensors. There are many reasons why door alarm sensors are trusted. Some of these are here:

1. Zero Tamper Risks

Wireless door sensors have long lasting batteries. It helps to deter tamper risks and rid you from intentional or unintentional power issues. Latest Li-ion batteries are used for this purpose that offer a complete peace of mind to the homeowners.

2. Increased Control Over Your Home

Technology is constantly improving. Modern ways of securing homes and businesses are considered more useful and give more convenience. Today almost all home security systems provide smartphone control to ease the homeowners. And wireless door sensor is no exception. You can use your smartphone to lock/unlock your doors remotely, check who opens the door and keep track of all doors all by yourself.

3. Instant Warnings

You can check instant warnings on your cell phone or email and take immediate action even if away from home. This ensures your family safety in emergency situation. Suppose, you are away at work and your front door is intruded by someone. Seeing the warning message would enable you to call police immediately and rush back home to secure your family members.

4. Set it Up According to Your Needs

You can set your door sensor according to your needs. You can automate it to get locked after some seconds so you don’t have to remember, locking/unlocking it all the time.

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