Wireless Keychain Remote

4 Features of Keychain Remote You should Know

According to a recent university study, smart technology would prevail everywhere by 2025. This seems true. Devices and equipment that promise convenience are the top preference of most homeowners and all of us nowadays.

Today, we can see this shift already. There are hundreds of equipment and devices that are helping us manage and control our homes in a better way. For instance, we are securing our families using modern home security systems, controlling our doors, lights and smart plugs with smartphones and arming/disarming our alarm systems through keychain remotes and many more.

Smart technology includes smartphone controllable devices. Our doors, windows, locks, alarm systems are all controllable through smart devices.However, you can also have their control with a keychain remote. It is offered by many home security systems to enable them to control their home equipment in a better manner.

Wireless Keychain Remote helps complete your chores

Wireless keychain remote is a small device that offers multiple buttons that help do household tasks in a better manner. It is a handy device that has become a must if you want to increase control of your home and operate it from anywhere, in or out of the house. It offers many other benefits too.

Here is a list of these advantages of a security key fob that you should know:

1. Multiple Buttons, Multiple Benefits

It has four types of buttons. These are used when there is an emergency or an unwanted situation. It is the medical alert button. So, anytime you feel uncomfortable or panicked, just press it and the monitoring team shall send you medical aid, after confirmation.

You don’t need to remember your door codes, if you have this security key fob with you. Just press the unlock button to enter any of your doors that have smart locks installed.

Turning on/off your smart bulb has also become easier with the keychain remote. Never mind if you forgot to turn off your smart led lights, use the key fob for this purpose.

The other button helps keep thieves and looters away from you because the moment you press the button, your home security alarm system will be armed. This proves to be helpful if you are in habit of forgetting things as important as home security.

2. A True Life Saver

Even if you have the best security system installed, without the medical alert button, you do feel helpless or get scared for a while during emergencies. Panic button serves as a psychological support for all the family members. Having this button in your hands can save many from worrying or feeling afraid.

Suppose, there is a patient with you and he becomes unconscious. What would you do, feel afraid?

No, you do not need to be. Simply, press the panic button from the keychain remote and get medical aid. You do not have to rush, panic or cry anymore. The monitoring team shall send the required aid on time. This way a keychain remote with panic button works as a true life saver.

3. Faster Home Control

This is a fast world. You can’t stay unaware about new advancements. You cannot waste a second because burglars and other criminals are like magicians. They do their jobs with the blink of the eye. And tackling them is not easy.

The wireless keychain remote helps you overcome this weakness. Using the tiny device helps you control your home more efficiently. This enables you to turn on or off your security system remotely. You do not need to waste minutes to get to a certain place to switch on/off your lights, arm/disarm your control panel or lock/unlock your smart door lock. Just one click and these things would be done in no time.

4. Easy to Keep

Easy to keep and easy to use, keychain remote is light in weight, extremely easy to operate for anyone, can resist water easily and has a long battery life of about 5 years.

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