Five people are on the run after killing man

Security Alert: Robbers fled after murdering a man in Lauderhill

A man was murdered in a robbery attempt in his condo this February. The killer gang of five robbers are still on the loose. Parts of their getaway vehicle however, are recovered from California and Texas, informs police.

Door Sensors for Home Security

Home Safety: How to Secure Your Entry & Exit Doors

Door sensors are widely used in home security systems. They help to keep your home and business safe and secure. Door sensors serve as a major defense barrier to all the vulnerable entrances.

Smoke Detector

5 Fire Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Did you know 70 percent of fire accidents occur in homes? The US Fire Administration reports 13, 45,500 fires, 3,280 deaths and $14.3 billion loss due to fire.

Burglar arrested near Lake Villa

News Alert: Burglar arrested near Lake Villa, IL

Police chased and jailed a burglar near Lake Villa, Illinois. Informing about details, the area’s sheriff said that the burglary was reported around 10 p.m. on Thursday night. A man from West Sienna Drive called police.