NC Burglars Fled with $22,000 Property

Breaking: Burglary in NC Home, Burglars Fled with $22,000 Property

Wilmington, NC – The Wilmington Police Department has just released images of an NC burglar who swiped multiple items worth $22,000 from a home.

According to the details, an unknown man entered a South Fifth Avenue house while the homeowners were away. The incident happened over the weekend when many families and individuals plan to go out for fun.

Before fleeing, he stole different valuables including credit cards, a gold ring and televisions.

The thief later tried to use the stolen credit cards from different NC stores.

Police say the man was in his 20s. The Black male was last seen wearing a cap.

Tips to Secure Your House While On a Trip

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Most high-end burglaries happen when the homeowners are on a trip. Robbers take advantage of this and steal as much items as they can (because no one is around). Here is how you can protect your property when not at home:

  • Never announce your departure and arrival publicly. Inform only a few and selected friends and neighbors if you want to.
  • Your house should still look occupied. Use different smart home products to do this. For instance, you can attach a home appliance to a smart plug to switch on and off it on the go for making noise.
  • Mount mobile video surveillance cameras at different places. This will help monitor your house and allow you to review any home activity through your smartphone.
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