Lawrenceville House Exploded

BREAKING: Fire Starts in Trashcan Consumes the Whole House

Lawrenceville, Georgia – Sometimes even a small ash can create a big blast. A Lawrenceville house exploded Saturday night due to ashes that were not properly disposed of, says the Fire Department.

According to the details, the incident happened near the Parc River Boulevard when the family was not home. It took the firefighters 25 minutes to douse the large fire. The fire also affected a neighboring house.

No one was hurt or injured in this fire-related accident.

How to Prevent a House Fire

  • Be careful while using any heating equipment or working in the kitchen. According to the NFPA, around 50 percent home fires during winters are caused by heating devices.
  • Make sure to put out any ashes or small flames completely. Smokers should be more careful in this regard.
  • Use home safety devices such as a fire alarm or smoke detector. Mount smoke detectors in all your rooms and sitting areas. They can detect any house fire/smoke and trigger the alarm for your safety.
  • Make your home a monitored home to deal with any kind of home emergency in a better way. Install the best home monitoring system in Texas.

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