Online Robber Killed by a Buyer in TX

Breaking News: An ‘Online’ Robber Killed by a Buyer in TX

Texas – A Garland couple bought a camera online from an unknown person. They gave him their home address to deliver the camera.

While they were waiting for their home delivery in the front yard, an unknown man approached them with a handgun. The suspect assaulted the 23-year-old homeowner, Tran and threatened to kill the couple.

Tran took out his gun and shot the robbery suspect, informs police. Read more.

Crime Prevention Tips for Homeowners

According to an FBI report, victims lost $1.4 billion in 2017 on the internet. 78% of burglars use social media websites to find their victims. Online shopping, free delivery and credit card fraud rate is also high in the virtual world.

To avoid from all this, follow these home security tips to stay safe from such crimes:

  1. Be Careful While You Shop Online

    Online shopping is easy. You can buy anything online without even leaving your chair. The greatest risk attached to online shopping is it is full of scams. Be very careful when you buy something online. Prefer buying from an authentic (and famous) shop. Avoid shopping from lesser known or unknown portals.

  2. Don’t Share Your Home Address

    While browsing and using social media websites, avoid sharing your personal address online. If it is necessary, inbox it with someone you know very well.

  3. Meet at a Safe Place

    If you need to meet with someone you know from the internet, meet at a safe place. Ensure their identity, if you are meeting with your online seller/buyer. Avoid inviting them at your home in the first meeting. And definitely don’t go alone.

  4. Install an Alarm System

    In case you have to meet with someone from the virtual world at your home, make sure your home has a home security system for your protection. Use home entry products for your safety. Install home security cameras to record everything.

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