Bail Agreed At $2 Million In Home Invasion

Breaking News: Bail Agreed At $2 Million In Home Invasion

LOMBARD, ILLINOIS – Bail was agreed at $2 million on Saturday for four men accused of invading a house in Lombard and tying up the victims, robbing the house and them leading police on a high-speed chase in the western suburb.

Mashawn Barnes age 27, Kevin Jones age 31 and Dion Young age 20, all of Chicago; and Calvert William age 29, of Matteson, are each accused with a crime count of armed robbery in association to a home invasion at an apartment on Foxworth Boulevard, the DuPage County state’s lawyer’s bureau said in a statement.

If sentenced, they could each face around 21 and 45 years in prison each, prosecuting attorney said.

On Friday a woman with her daughter entered their home at 3:35 pm as two men armed and wore black masks entered the building before the doors closed. Once inside, they pointed guns at their victims head and forced into their home. The men tied up the victims and stole cash, other valuables, and a handgun and escaped in a car waiting in the parking lot.

All four men are under arrest at the DuPage County jail instead of $200,0000 bond, according to the DuPage County sheriff’s office. Barnes’ next date of hearing is set for March 14, while the other three men are listed to appear in court next on March 17.

How To Stop Burglars From Entering Your Home

According to the Illinois Police Department, home invasion is avoidable – all you need is to be attentive and take safety measures seriously. Use these steps to stop thieves from entering your home:

  • Never ignore if you see suspicious activity around your neighborhood and call the police before it’s too late.
  • Light up your home when it is dark. Robbers and burglars avoid homes that are well-lit and streets that have more illuminations. Lighting helps in identifying the lawbreakers easily which convicts fear.
  • Keep your windows and doors locked, mostly when you are not at home or are going to sleep.
  • Pretend like, your house is occupied even if it is not. For this, you can use smart devices like smart plugs and smart bulbs.
  • Keep your garage closed – install smart door locks if you have a habit of forgetting to lock the doors. Don’t leave windows open there.
  • Keep your hedging maintained so thieves can’t discover a hideout.
  • Invest in a smart home security system for your home protection round the clock. A home security alarm system watches over your home even if you are not there for an extended period.

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