Bun B and His Wife Discusses About Home Invasion and Shooting

Breaking News: Bun B and His Wife Discusses About Home Invasion and Shooting, Bun Calls His Wife the Real Hero

Bun B called his wife the real hero of the shooting incident last week in Texas. “The Breakfast Club” where coupled stopped and discussed the incident openly for the first time.

“At the moment it was dreamlike, because we had just made it home within twenty minutes,” she detailed.

Walls then enlightened that she saw the burglar, later recognized as Demonte Jackson, from her kitchen window but supposed he was a neighbor. When the doorbell rang, she figured it was a delivery person and opened the door.

That’s when the suspect bursts into the house, pointed a gun at Wall’s head and threatened to shoot.

“I didn’t want him to take me into that bedroom and rape me, do whatever he wanted to do,” she explained.

The gunman eventually heard footsteps, asked Walls who else was in the house and told her to call Bun’s name.

Later, the burglar got inside the Audi, and that’s when Walls escaped from the garage where she saw her husband.

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