Coweta County armed burglary, Criminals Arrested

Breaking News: Coweta County armed burglary, Criminals Arrested

Coweta County, Georgia – Police arrested four people involved in an armed robbery and home invasion at an apartment on Lower Fayetteville Road.

Police told the news media that one of the suspects were armed when the group broke into the house and demanded for money from the residents. Police also said there was three year old kid present in the house when the robbers broke-in.

Deputies said the gang of robbers fled with $400 cash and investigators later saw the suspects’ vehicle on Highway 154 where they arrested the men.

5 Crime Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

According to Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), home invasion robberies and burglaries rate is high in the country. There is a property crime registered every 13 seconds which means there are about 5 burglaries/robberies in one minute. Follow these crime prevention tips and keep yourself safe and protected:

  • Show your home is occupied. There is activity going on in the house.
  • Lock all doors and windows before you go to sleep or leave for work. Keep your doors locked even if you are away for a shorter period.
  • Leave your outdoor lights on at night. Use smart LED bulbs to control your home lights
  • Lock your garden storage, outbuilding areas and garages too. Don’t tempt burglars or other criminals.

Install the best home alarm system in Georgia and keep it armed. If you don’t have one, purchase it today. Home security system help deter criminals from your home. You are three times more secure if your home security system is activated.

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