Georgia Executes Scotty Morrow For 1994 Murders Of 2 Women

Breaking News: Georgia Executes Scotty Morrow For 1994 Murders Of 2 Women

Georgia – Scotty Morrow was executed for the crime of murdering two women in 1994. Morrow was the first person to be executed by the state of Georgia this year.

Scotty Morrow pleaded for bail but was denied, he says he has the deepest regret and sorry for what he did in 1994. Rejected over the phone by his ex-girlfriend, Barbara Ann Young, Morrow drove to her house and shot her and her friend, Tonya Woods. He also shot a third woman as well in the face and arm but she survived.

At 9:37 p.m. two medics came into the room, checking Morrow’s vitals. One nodded to the keeper, who proclaimed Morrow’s death. Morrow is the 73rd person executed by the state since the death penalty was restored in 1976, and the 50th by lethal injection.

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