Georgia Woman's Airbnb Home Robbed By Clients

Breaking News: Georgia Woman’s Airbnb Home Robbed By Clients

Atlanta Georgia – With more than six million international Airbnb listings, around two million people stay in Airbnb rentals across the globe every night, according to the business’s statistics.

Fulton County lady Kristian Ashe is an Airbnb host since January 2018. Since then, the organization has taken her to a better financial level.

Unfortunately, things changed for Kristie about a year later in December 2018, when her scheduled guests arrived, they had completely different plans. According to a police report, nearly $14,000 worth furniture was sold from Ashe’s home. Ashe couldn’t believe what happened to her. Her living room was wiped clean.

They stole almost everything, dining room chairs, rugs, sofas, and curtain rods, everything that she recently bought. It was devastating for her.

How To Prevent A Break-In

Out of 5 houses, every four are invaded by robbers or other criminals, as per police reports. Most of the homes are attacked during afternoons when most of the people are away for work. Take the following steps to prevent a break-in:

  • Keep yourself safe, and watch out for danger, use home security camera systems. Surveillance cameras play a vital role in home protection.
  • 63% of criminals attempt to break-in from your front door. Place a door sensor at your front door so that it can be monitored 24/7. Also, keep your windows locked and protected against burglars. Install a glass break sensor for this purpose and live a worry-free life.
  • 24-hour monitoring of your home via high tech home security devices and professional teams help to make sure, you and your family stay protected. Research shows that you are three times more protected if you are equipped with home security systems.

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