Home Intrusion ‘Mastermind’ Condemned To Prison For Elizabethtown Burglary

Breaking News: Home Intrusion ‘Mastermind’ Condemned To Prison For Elizabethtown Burglary

Elizabethtown, North Carolina — A Kelly man is sentenced for prison for up to 13 years for his role in an armed home intrusion and robbery.

As per the Bladen County District Attorney’s office, Marcus Blake, 35, pleaded guilty to Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon, First Degree Theft, and Possession of Firearm by Felon in Bladen Country Superior Court on Monday.

The home intrusion occurred in Elizabethtown through the evening hours of January 6, 2017.

Blake met with his two co-offenders, Willie McLaurin and Rohon Atkins and creates a plan to rob the victims of drugs and money. Blake also supplied McLaurin and Atkins with a gun before his two co-offenders left the meeting location.

Acting at Blake’s direction, McLaurin and Atkins ensued to a home on Sand Pit Road where they forced their way into a house and robbed two victims of drugs and a small amount of money at gunpoint.

The duo later united with Blake to return the handgun and riven the theft proceeds.

The victims informed law officials of the robbery and were able to give a description of the defendants as well as their automobile. Later that evening, McLaurin and Atkins were spotted by the Bladen County Sheriff’s Headquarters in an automobile matching the description that the victims provided.

Once the automobile was pulled over, agents located drugs and another gun in the car and both men were arrested.

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