Life Safety Device Helps Save NYC Woman Attacked At Home

Breaking News: Life Safety Device Helps Save NYC Woman Attacked At Home

NEW YORK – An elderly woman aged 88 was attacked at her home in New York City, but police said her life safety device helped in saving her life.

Selwyn Worrell, 24, was detained and accused with rape, sexually driven attack and break-in. Police said Worrell was somebody the woman was acquainted with. According to police, once Worrell was inside the woman’s home, police said he began choking her and forced her to the basement.

The victim was wearing her personal panic button, and it was activated during the attack, which allowed police and first responders to go to her home.

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Security Tips For Elderly Homeowners

  • Police recommends using home alarm systems as they are the best home security solutions to keep your home protected and your family.
  • For elderly wearing a portable panic button is the best solution as a safety measure. As an old citizen, it is always the right idea to wear the panic button around your wrist or neck to call for quick help.
  • Indoor HD video surveillance cameras are highly effective to keep you protected 24/7. They are also ideal to keep an eye on your caregivers and other home visitors.

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