Man Says Teens Posing With Stolen Guns On Social Media

Breaking News: Man Says Teens Posing With Stolen Guns On Social Media

CLAYTON COUNTY, GA – Teens are charged for breaking into a home and stealing guns and then go around making threatening comments on social media

Brian Smith was troubled when he comprehended someone broke into his home on Fallawater Circle Thursday and stole his pistol and a rifle.

Smith was far more upset when he saw social media pictures of some neighborhood teens holding one of the guns.

“These guys are just young and don’t have any common sense nowadays,” he told Jones.

Smith is frustrated because he said he showed police the photos and they haven’t made an arrest. He has reached out to Clayton County police Monday. A representative said the department hasn’t allocated the case to an investigator yet. He said the sergeant is going to make this a top priority.

Crime Prevention Tips For Homeowners

Follow these tips to keep your family and home protected:

  • Secure your property by mounting modern security cameras for 24-hour video surveillance. They help keep the bad guys away from your home.
  • Educate your kids about guns that they are not toys and can cause serious risks if used carelessly.
  • Shield your doors and windows. Make them hard to open. You can use keyless entry door locks for this purpose. Keyless locks are hard to break. You need your passcode or smartphone to enter by using a pin code.

Experts find home security systems highly effective in order to repel burglars. Install one at your home and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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