North Carolina Man Sentenced To Life For Robbing and Shooting

Breaking News: North Carolina Man Sentenced To Life For Robbing and Shooting Millinocket Couple

A North Carolina man is arrested and sentenced to spend his life behind the bars for killing of a Millinocket man.

Tony Locklear and his daughter were sentence this week for their part in the killing of Wayne Lapierre of Millinocket. Out of three people these two were accused for home invasion.

According to reports Alexis Locklear was sentenced to jail for one year, and was given acknowledgment for time served. While her father who is 44-year-old Tony Locklear, is sentenced to spend rest of his life in prison against charges for murder, raised intensified assault, and break-in. Both spoke the court, with Tony Locklear affirming that he has killed in other states, as well, and it’s time that he got his due.

Officials say the Locklears, along with Alexis’s partner Christopher Murray, 39, went to the Lapierre home in December of 2017, planning to buy marijuana and steal cash from the pair. Wayne Lapierre was lawfully qualified to grow marijuana.

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