Police Hunt for 2 vicious suspects in Scary Home Invasion at Newton County

Breaking News – Police Hunt for 2 vicious suspects in Scary Home Invasion at Newton County

Newton County – Georgia – A Newton County area is on alert after detectives said two guys ‘randomly’ picked a house to raid.

The owner of the house said the armed thieves pistol-whipped his nephew then rifled through the house, robbing electronics, credit cards, lawn equipment and more than hauled it away in his car.

The victim said he isn’t aware if he knows the robbers or not.

The owner described the suspect’s criminal actions as detectives did, a haphazard crime of opportunity. His home surveillance system verified them as they incapacitated the system then, switched off camera and kicked in his backdoor. He wasn’t home but his nephew came to the living room to inspect when awakened by the noise. The two men are in police custody and will be charged for their crime.

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