Rogers Woman Sentenced In Milam County, Texas Home Burglary

Breaking News: Rogers Woman Sentenced In Milam County, Texas Home Burglary

Clarissa Renee Habib, 32 years old of Rogers, combined a list of people punished in Milam County in connection with home robbery in Buckholts.

Habib was charge last week in Cameron to 5 year deferred judgment probation, to spend a hundred and two days in Milam County Jail, and pay a $2,500 fine and $21,590 compensation after she appealed guilty to lesser involved break-in of residence, a second-degree law-breaking.

She was one of nine people indicted in December by a Milam County grand jury. Her indictment was originally for engaging in organized criminal activity, a first-degree felony charge.

The executor of an estate situated at 1124 County Road 147 in Buckholts stated the break-in of a home. The house was broken into, many things were taken and the house was left in a chaos. Break-ins started about July 8.

When household members checked the home on Nov. 4, they exposed the criminal activity.

Game cameras caught pictures that displayed a vehicle that supposedly belonged to Robin Reese — an expelled attorney and previous bail bondsman — and other people on the property and inside the house. Items were stolen from the car and driven away

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