Seminole Co. Homicide Verdict Continued By High Court

Breaking News: Seminole Co. Homicide Verdict Continued By High Court

Atlanta – The High Court of Georgia has sustained the verdict of a homicide and lifetime imprisonment for Stevie Dustin Williamson, who was charged for the murder of George Rutten in 2006 in Seminole County.

One of the neighbours found him dead inside his home in a remote area near the Lake Seminole.

Seminole County Chief Investigator Swanner confirmed that Rutten lived by himself and that GBI was called in to further investigate the case.

Willamson told the authorities that he was fired from his odd job work which he did for Rutten and said he came to Rutten to discuss the matter while he was sitting in his garage, but the two men argued and Rutten wanted to talk about another topic.

Rutten grabbed Williamson and they fought, Williamson said, and Rutten reached for a rifle. Rutten was shot when the gun discharged multiple times during the fight.

October 17th 2006, a grand jury indicted Williamson for three counts felony murder, malice murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. At an April 2007 hearing, the jury found Williamson guilty of all counts. The trial court condemned Williamson to life for malice murder.

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