Simi Valley Surveillance Camera Captures Disturbed Home Burglary

Breaking News: Simi Valley Surveillance Camera Captures Disturbed Home Burglary – Caught On Record

SIMI VALLEY – Police are looking for three men who were caught live on HD camera attempting to rob a home, Friday night.

Officials responded to the call from the owner saying that they heard burglars inside their home in the 200 block of Shady Hills Court around 7:20 PM.

While the police were on their way, the residents informed them that they could see three men dressed all in black escaping from their house through a second-story surveillance camera.

Responding units set a huge stopping points and recruited the help of a helicopter to search for the burglars.

In spite of their efforts police were not able to find the suspects though investigators are following up and studying footage caught by the resident’s home surveillance system.

Tips To Keep Your Home Protected

Get Surveillance Cameras

Installing HD video surveillance cameras will keep your home protected from burglars.  The modern mobile technology allows you to access your surveillance cameras from anywhere and keep your house protected.

Show You Have Extra Security

Burglars prefer target easy homes with less or no security. Make sure you show them you have got yourself protected. Put security cameras symbol on the home door or window so they know that someone is always watching them.

Install Glass Break Sensor

No matter whether your home is located in a crowded area or a lonely street, make sure you have the best home security system. A smart glass break sensor will keep your house protected. It will trigger an emergency alarm if anyone tries to break in the house and the monitoring team will instantly be notified.

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