Snake Attacked A Man Caught Live On A Doorbell Camera

Breaking News: Snake Attacked A Man Caught Live On A Doorbell Camera

Oklahoma – A doorbell camera caught the epic moment when a snake attacked a man.

Jerel Heywood was visiting Rodney Copeland’s house last Sunday in Lawton Oklahoma, when this attack happened. Copeland told us, the snake was wrapped around a porch light.

As the door was opened by Heywood, the snake pops into the corner of the doorbell camera and bites Heywood’s head before escaping.

Heywood was shocked, he did know a snake bit him but what type he was uncertain about that. His immediate reaction was to seek medical help.

Copeland said it was the first time he found a snake in his home. He thinks the 5-foot-5-long snake was taking sanctuary from the current heavy rains.

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